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Re-imagining capital market with Blockchain
It has been a while since blockchain has left everyone amazed with its incredible capacities, but now it is time for the technology to reach its real potential. In a world where borders are being created, where inequality is reaching alarming levels, the time has arrived for a change.
Xtense’s founders aim to develop a parallel capital market targeting its inefficiencies, by creating a transparent global economy, thus adding value to people’s life by knocking down inefficiencies. As a cutting-edge platform, Xtense wants to create a global force for innovation while collaborating equally with all parties in the sectors, pushing them to a new technological frontier. 
By connecting commodity exchanges around the world, the company will provide a tool for the end user thus letting them trade securities, and do asset servicing, among other things. Xtense will provide a global secondary market for securities and commodities.
Welcome to the transparent global economy.