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Tangram is developing a blockchain based platform to provide decentralized video encoding services using peer-to peer technology. Virtually any server, or pc, or smartphone, even TV and wash machine, has unutilized (or sub-utilized) computational power that can be used to perform encoding tasks. The Tangram App that we are developing (for smartphones, desktop and IOT devices) will allow users to become part of the Tangram network to perform encoding task on individual video fragments shipped from a central HUBs cluster. For its work, the node will be rewarded with a cryptocoin (the Tangram) via Ethereum Blockchain.

The “node based” technology that Tangram is building is much more efficient than any existing tecHnology: 

▪  it is faster, thanks to the processing “nodes” that will encode simultaneously different portion of the video; 

▪  it is safer, due the fact that video is never processed by a single entity; 

▪  it can count on an extended scalability thanks to the cloud network nature and to the fact that the peer network can be quickly and easily extended at no cost; 

▪  and it has lower cost, thanks to the business model, that utilizes “third parties” unutilized CPU so that less hardware investments are required.

Tangram has been developing the proof of concept and alpha components for the last 9 months, capitalizing its founders’ experience in video encoding, network optimization and user authentication, and is building the platform and concluding the test phase of the “beta version” of the Tangram App to bring the Tangram token to the Initial Coin Offer.