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Insolar is building a 4th generation enterprise blockchain platform aimed at enabling seamless interactions between enterprises and unlocking new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust. Delegating trust to Insolar blockchain platform enables businesses to pursue broader networks, onboard new partners, and enter new ecosystems with ease. The Insolar blockchain platform creates cost efficiencies, enables new revenue streams, and powers transformative business models.


Insolar’s cloud-based, blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) architecture introduces dozens of industry-first features. It is rapidly deployable and solves the fundamental challenges of current enterprise blockchains, including security, scalability, interoperability, and ease of use.


In addition to the platform development, Insolar offers full-service blockchain consulting and product development to accelerate companies, from proof-of-concept to production. Insolar is actively looking to partner with enterprises interested in blockchain applications.


Insolar is ranked #1 among blockchain projects in development activity. It is a global team of 70 people in North America and Europe, including 35 full-time engineers, 10 leading blockchain academics from major institutions (York University, ETH Zurich, Princeton), and a founding team of serial tech entrepreneurs and enterprise veterans.


Insolar believes that people and companies are stronger when they work together and strives to make the world more efficient, transparent and connected.


As a blockchain platform focused on enterprise usage, Insolar aims to bring distributed ledger technologies to a stage of real application. To validate its position as the world’s fastest enterprise blockchain platform, Insolar launched its testnet in January 2019, and demonstrated a starting speed of over 10,000 transactions per second, with this throughput achieved via a revolutionary architecture that assigns different roles to nodes and distributes storage and processing tasks efficiently among them. Beyond speed, Insolar’s unique architecture strengthens security, decreases costs, and gives companies the ability to process transactions longer than one block and large documents on-chain rather than off-chain.

Learn more at our website insolar.io. Check out our blog at medium.com/insolar. Follow us on Twitter @insolario.