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Diro is the world’s first Decentralized Identities Platform that is powered by cryptographically provable KYC and crowdsourcing of Contact Directories on blockchain.  It’s innovative technology has use cases across domains like Networks, Web, Apps, IoT, Smart Contracts, AR/VR, etc. Diro has 2 key use cases:

1) Submission & validation of Know Your Customer (KYC) document that are cryptographically provable original documents and  

2) Creation of Hardened Social Identities using crowdsourced contact directories. 

Started in January 2014, Diro has filed 15+ patents and is backed by the guidance of world recognized advisors and experts in the field of blockchain. In April-2017, ASSOCHAM in partnership with Ericsson awarded Diro as the most innovative ICT start-up in the country