Dr. Bhupinder Singh

Dr. Bhupinder Singh



JD Coin is the brainchild of Dr. Bhupinder Singh. A seasoned entrepreneur and a Computer Science graduate, and a PhD in Humanities, has led various companies throughout USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada and India and got them to different heights. He is with JD Coin in the capacity of CEO APAC and wants to take the crypto-world with a storm with the technological advancement through his innovative approach. As an exceptional leader, he excels at handling everything from planning to execution in his business.

He possesses first-rate communications skills to collaborate on all business levels while effectively directing systems, processes, operating procedures and documentation on-site as well as on remote locations. He is a highly personable and self-motivated professional with the versatility to work among diverse groups worldwide.

With more than 20 Years of industry experience across various domains, he is truly a business magnate and has successfully created global records in customer acquisition. The service and business initiatives offering end-to-end solutions that addresses the entire value chain across various digital services in key domains of national interest like Technology, Education, Fintech, Startups, has proven his expertise in taking companies to new levels.

Dr. Bhupinder has always attempted to improve efficiency in the market as his focus has always been his business. This entrepreneur keeping a low profile in the social circle, always works on his business to identify its niche space. Although his risks are calculative, his safe-guarded personality talks a lot about aspects of perseverance and self-learning.

He knows his goals well and will chase them to their logical end. His only motto is to understand, prepare and innovate for the future. He lives his life around technology and is particularly keen to explore new intersections around it and by always looking for new ideas.