Walid Al Saqqaf

Walid Al Saqqaf

Founder, InsureBlocks Podcast


Walid Al Saqqaf is the founder of Insureblocks the leading podcast and educational / strategic advisory service to blockchain in the insurance industry and beyond. Walid started off in the corporate world at Barclays Corporate Banking in 1998. As a serial entrepreneur he has co-founded 5 start-ups of which one had a successful acquisition. His last corporate experience was as in-house entrepreneur and head of blockchain at the Lloyd’s specialist insurer, Beazley. Walid is also a proud father of 2 little amazing daughters.


About Insureblocks

Insureblocks is the leading educational and niche consultancy on blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and smart contracts in the insurance industry and beyond. We run a dedicated weekly podcast with senior speakers from:

As a boutique consultancy firm Insureblocks runs educational and strategic workshops for our clients internationally to help them understand what is blockchain, identifying proof of concept / pilot opportunities and deliver on launching these projects.


We have a customer centric, lean start-up, and agile approach to working to ensure that we deliver a very focused proposition and grow it in an iterative manner as per our customers requirements.