Jonathan Bellish

Jonathan Bellish

Director Tech Enablement, Blockchain lead KPMG Israel

Jonathan is a visionary and results-driven manager with strong business acumen, 20+ years of professional experience in the areas of application development and Infrastructure.

In KPMG, Jonathan is leading a group of technology professionals ,in charge of Project delivery, Architecture Design and Methodology.

 Prior to KPMG he  was Managing Director in Jishu Technologies Ltd, the CTO of Union Bank of Israel and other high profile role in the ICT community. His passion and curiosity to investigate new data-driven technologies drove him to invest in the study of distributed ledger technologies. He established his knowledge in Princeton University elective course,  learning about cryptographic building blocks ("primitives") and reason about their security. Work through how these primitives can be used to construct simple cryptocurrencies. Two years after that he was drawn into the business and social impact of these technologies and joined Oxford Business School where he published a paper that analyses the use of blockchain technologies in the Insurance Sector.

His expertise in crypto-assets technology has earned him a role as KPMG Israel Blockchain Leader, where he collaborates globally with few other individuals in building the firm practice.

Along his role in KPMG, Jonathan is also a Director in Tel Aviv University, Blockchain Application Research Institute.  He is eager to explore the interfaces between business and blockchain technologies, from design and architecture perspective along with the ability to elevate distributed application with machine learning.