Paul	Domjan

Paul Domjan

Head of Research, Analytics & Data, Exotix Capital

Paul joined Exotix from 4CAST-RGE, a leading provider of thematic and intraday economic analysis, where he served as CEO. Paul co-founded Country Insights Ltd., which was acquired by Roubini Global Economics in 2012. He then led the merger of the subscription business of Roubini Global Economics with 4CAST Ltd to form 4CAST-RGE. Paul also has a strong background in public policy, as a former special adviser to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee of the UK parliament the first energy security adviser to the U.S. European Command of the U.S. Department of Defense, where he worked extensively with frontier oil producers and as deputy political analyst in the scenario planning group at Royal Dutch/Shell. He was a Marshall Scholar at Oxford University and is also an alumnus of London Business School and the University of Texas at Austin.