Oliver Naegele

Oliver Naegele

Founder & CEO, Blockchain HELIX AG

Oliver engages to spread the word about blockchain and our digital future in general. He sees his mission to establish a widely spread Digital Identity in the next 3 years, in order to replace or simplify the current wilderness of sign ons and verification processes.

Oliver is one of the founding members of the German Blockchain association and an active member of several working groups. This chamber is supposed to represent the interests of the German blockchain community to politicians. In addition, he works with Bitkom and is an expert in the European Commission.

Oliver is community lead of Blockchain Frankfurt and the Ethereum Central Germany Meetup. He is responsible for Germany's second largest blockchain community. Additionally, he is the initiator of the HELIX LAB in Frankfurt and of the German wide network FinTech Headquarter. He is often asked to speak for conferences, events and other gatherings of the startup, financial and IT communities. 

With more than 14.000 contacts on LinkedIn and 3.000+ contacts through various Twitter accounts, he has a large reach in social networks and is accepted as an influencer in the Blockchain scene.

For more than 15 years, Oliver has been an IT specialist and consultant for security, enterprise java, intranet, extranet, infrastructure, databases and virtualization. In this broad fields, Oliver has acquired a deep understanding of digital identity management and distributed authority.

Blockchain HELIX is a digital identity solution that solves the main problems of blockchain and legally secure identities based on its own infrastructure.


With the current ICO of the HELIX Orange project, the ICO platform is linked with the forgery-proof identities in such a way that investors and ICO projects are given the support of KYC / AML and the regulatory system. For this purpose, a regulatory framework is being set up and operates as part of HELIX Orange. Tamper-proof identities of potential investors are used for a lead generation to finance ICOs. The ICO platform HELIX Orange addresses all the problems like KYC/AML and regulatory uncertainty and act as a marketplace with a huge investors pool.