Jeremy Millar

Jeremy Millar

Chief of Staff, Consensys

Jeremy Millar has been one of the driving forces behind the Enterprise Ethereum

Alliance, and is Founding Board Member of the EEA as well as Chief of Staff of

ConsenSys. Jeremy began his career as an early Java Architect at Oracle, where he

oversaw early adopter and beta programs for Oracle’s Java products. This included

helping shape Oracle’ enterprise Java strategy, during the emergence of enterprise

Java standards. More recently, he was early advisor to Acunu, one of the core

developers of Cassandra, acquired by Apple. He holds a Master’s in Finance from

Oxford University and was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs from 2006-2011.

Jeremy was a founding partner at Magister Advisors, where he led the emerging

technology practice. He is also an active angel investor and mentor with the Barclays

Accelerator powered by Techstars.

ConsenSys is one of the largest blockchain companies globally, with over 500

employees in 25 countries.

At ConsenSys, Jeremy oversees commercial operations and global expansion.

Location: London

Languages spoken: English

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