Dejun Qian

Dejun Qian

Visionary & Principal, FUSION Foundation & CEO, BitSE

DJ founded FUSION in 2017. FUSION is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts.

Prior to that DJ founded BitSE in late 2013 after he had been working for IBM for over 12 years as IBM General Manager of South West China, Client Unit Executive for West China.

BitSE was one of the earliest teams researching and developing blockchain technology. Early 2014, DJ led BitSE to start its ASIC mining chip design, mining and hosting business. At that time, BitSE owned the earliest and biggest mining centre in China. Late 2014, BitSE changed its strategy and focused on blockchain technology research and development. During these 3 years, DJ and the team has initiated 2 high impact blockchain projects, QTUM and VeChain. QTUM is a hybrid public chain using POS as the consensus algorithm tying to integrate smart contract on UTXO model. DJ, as one of the steering committee members, led to the project to ICO in March 2017. VeChain is a business collaboration blockchain platform offering an alliance platform for the whole supply chain, including manufacturer, distributor, retailer, regulator and consumer. It provides a trust platform for all the participants to collaborate, improving the efficiency and lowering the cost significantly.

As one of the opinion leaders in blockchain industry, DJ was invited to many blockchain related conferences, delivered speeches and hosted summit as moderator. Including

1Nov 2016, Shanghai Blockchain Industry Development Alliance, Moderator

2 Dec 2016, 2nd Global Retail e-commerce summit Speaker

3 Dec 2016,  PwC G500 Blockchain Speaker

4 Mar 2017, Boao Forum, Digital Currency and Blockchain, Moderator

5Apr 2017, International Anti-Counterfeiting Conference, Speaker

In 2016, BitSE was elected as the “Top 10 FinTech Startups” and “The powerful blockchain infrastructure of the year”by Caishi China. DJ was elected as Most Innovative CEO of the year for ‘Jiepu Prize’.