Carrie Osman

Carrie Osman

Founder and CEO, Cruxy & Co

Carrie Osman is the CEO & Founder at Cruxy & Company.

Before that, she lead a £300m P&L at Mars Inc.
 Carrie sits on the Advisory Board of a SV AI platform, is a gold-member & judge at FinTech Circle, mentors at Angel Academe, Cocoon-networks and has been featured on BBC Business News, the Guardian, Forbes etc.

From a 400k cycle across China to earning a GB flag on her jacket riding horses, Carrie is driven & a passionate doer. Carrie trained at Mars Inc. and reached her peak after climbing the corporate ladder to run a £300m P&L. Carrie made a dream reality and Founded Cruxy & Co in November, 2013.

Carrie’s key achievements are very much lead by Cruxy & it’s clients’ successes, including: 

• Working with one of the largest Blockchain companies in the world.

• We prepared our client, who developed an AI based RegTech platform, for investment, which led to a win of the best pitch award at the Momentum accelerator.

• Our client EPOSABILITY, increased their conversion rate from 30% to 80% after working with Cruxy

• Launching a token offering for a gaming company with a yearly turnover of 63m SEK

• Based on the positioning & ethos we crafted, an Infrastructure Consultancy sold 10% of their business for £15m

• Hosted an 'I Can Be' workshop with 9-10 year old inner-city girls to inspire them to recognise their potential and discover the opportunity that surrounds them
 Leading an incredible & driven team at Cruxy who share Carrie’s drive & passion for the company.

Carrie makes an unforgettable contribution to the events she speaks at thanks to her wit, energy & not being afraid to say the unsayable. She was included in Tech World’s 2017 List of women to speak at Tech Events, Innovate Finance’s Women in Finance Power List 2017 & Women of the Future Awards 2017.

Carrie was a commentator for BBC Business News, Sky News, ING Bank, Association of Foreign Banks & Forward Women (Guardian) and has recently spoken at FinTech Summit Tokyo, 2017, Uprise Festival & Fintech Connect Live. Additionally she was a contributor and workshop leader for the NESTA OpenBanking Challenge. Carrie founded and runs Currency of Connections, a founder & funder drink series rebelling against the bland & inefficient concept of networking – with true vitality and results.
 She is known as a connector who always pays it forward.