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ClinicAll provides the interface between hospital operators and digital services. Our software solutions support seamless interaction between patients, physicians, and medical staff. Many hospital services are integrated. Current operations focus on fulfilling hospitals' requirements for modern, efficient, and inexpensive solutions that offer highest levels of treatment quality and patient comfort.

ClinicAll started operations in 2008 and has been successfully deploying infotainment systems in hospitals ever since. Today the group consists of the parent ClinicAll International Corporation and various national subsidiaries: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, France, North America, Middle East and Gibraltar. Development, marketing and deployment of ClinicAll products are centralized in Germany, with a staff of 25.

The ClinicAll App integrates hospital services on mobile devices and is available for iOS and Android since 2018. Our big next vision is to create the ClinicAll Health Community, a powerful online platform that will greatly improve access to healthcare services all around the world, connecting healthcare professionals with patients and other potential customers.demo.