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BIMLIB is a decentralized open-source platform for managing BIM content, its registration and copyright protection. This is a unique open environment for easy exchange of projects and ready-made design solutions that unites professionals in the construction industry. BIMLIB offers new opportunities for architects and engineers to sell and track the licensing of their projects.

The marketplace of design solutions formed by the BIMLIB network will save time normally needed for development and approval of ready-made nodes, designs and even entire projects for individual architects and companies.

BIM solutions are widely used in the daily practice of architectural bureaus, construction companies, real estate agencies, and other professionals within the industry. This is a new technology that will significantly accelerate the growth of this market by increasing the solutions functionality.

The use of the BIMLIB service for the registration of authorship and the subsequent open exchange of projects is completely free. Also, the service offers invaluable opportunities for organizing and managing your own BIM content as well as selling and controlling its use by other users.

The solution needed to create an environment which provides control over licensing and usage of engineering content is the creation of a client-server network that ensures structuring and indexing of local databases and ongoing projects in BIM (CAD) environments via plug-ins. Yet only project’s metadata is available to the system directly while the project itself (or its part) will be accessible to copyright owner only.

The application of the licensing policies chosen by design solution authors themselves will ensure accessibility for users and fair remuneration for the BIM content authors.