Andreea Muresanu

Andreea Muresanu

Senior Product Manager, BlockEx

Andreea Muresanu is a senior product manager at BlockEx where she leads the Digital Asset Creation Tool. Andreea and her team have built a product that allows corporations to issue their own bonds in an automated and streamlined way with the use of legal templates. Investors are able to purchase those bonds directly on the DACT platform and all relevant data is stored on a blockchain. Andreea joined BlockEx early on and has enjoyed contributing to the company's rapid growth.

Prior to joining BlockEx, Andreea was a Programme Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation where she worked at the nexus of technology, circular economy / sustainability, design and education creating software products with Google, IDEO, Nike and Unilever to name a few. Prior to that, Andreea was at the United Nations Office Geneva working at a research institute on social and economic development that contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Andreea is passionate about using blockchain and design thinking to build products that delight users and create positive systemic change.